Lure to Death: The Social Media Serial Killer

Lure to Death: The Social Media Serial Killer

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Author: Blair London

Format: Kindle, Paperback & Audio

Number Of Pages: 306

Publisher: Reality Today Forum, Inc.

Release Date: 2014-05-04

Details: Lure to Death: The Social Media Killer is a unique murder novel from author Blair London about a social media serial killer.

In this murder novel, Sandy Bean, being a “string bean” in high school, is bullied by fellow classmates. He is on to discovering something ingenious that could make him millions, but his classmates destroy the lab. He tried the experiment at home and something goes wrong, and a fire occurs. His parents die in the fire and he blames this on his classmates. A reunion is coming up and he plots to get revenge. Learning all kinds of viral marketing, Sandy, or later as he names himself Conan, becomes “The Social Network Killer” as he has learned how to target specific people. Using a special software that he has created, he is able to scrape specific information to locate certain individuals by what they put on various social networking sites. He also creates a voice recognition software that when he speaks a name, it gives him all kinds of information on that person.

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